This simple 2 minute video reveals the new way of trademarking that can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the long run. 

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We’ve protected brands for all sorts of companies and entrepreneurs—from startups at an early idea stage to 7- and 8-figure businesses.

It doesn’t matter what stage your business is in.

If you care about your brand and are looking for a guaranteed way to trademark it, you’ve come to the right place.


Unlike everyone else in this industry, we offer result-based services that take care of your ENTIRE trademarking process… From start to finish.

We don’t just file your trademark application and leave you on your own or charge you by the hour.

We are the ONLY firm in the world that will get your brand trademarked for ONE FLAT FEE or give you a FULL REFUND if we don’t deliver the results that you need.

«This blows every other trademarking
service out of the water»

Paul LaMarca, Founder of VIRTUAL HORNET

«When I knew I had to trademark my brand, I started exploring low-cost online services, but all they do is file your trademark application. They don’t deal with the objections raised by the trademarks office. That’s why they are so cheap.

Then I talked to attorneys, but they never tell you how much you will end up paying because they don’t know how many hours they’ll put in. Could be 3K… or could be 10K. Oh, and no refunds, of course.

Trademark Factory gave me an upfront budget, took care of the entire trademarking process and backed it all up with a real 100% money-back guarantee.

No one can compete with that.»

TIME, Money, And Stress


All Included

Our experienced attorneys and trademark agents will handle every single step of the process. Not only will they draft and file your application, they will also take care of all legal communication with the Trademarks Office to get your trademark registered. With our 99.3% success rate, you can be confident we will get it done right.


One Single Payment

You don’t need to guess or worry how much the whole thing is going to cost you. Apart from the unavoidable government fees, what you pay upfront covers everything, no matter how many objections are raised against your application or how many hours our attorneys have spent on your case. No hidden costs and no billable hours. EVER.


Guaranteed Result

Either your trademark is approved or you get a FULL refund. We only keep your money if you get the result you pay for, giving you the peace of mind you and your business deserve.



Those who never bothered to trademark their brand don’t have an excuse when someone hijacks it.

But what’s really heartbreaking is when you hire a trademarking firm to do it for you… only to find out, months later, that your trademark is unenforceable or that you lost your brand altogether because they:

— neglected to do a proper search before filing your trademark;

— mindlessly copy-pasted your description of goods and services straight into your application; or

— failed to overcome objections the Trademarks Office raises in an office action (which happens in 68% of the cases).

And then it’s only a matter of time before you receive a letter demanding that you immediately stop using what you thought was your brand, at which point you will have two options:

1. You go back to square one and come up with a completely new brand. Just so you know, the average cost of rebranding a small or mid-size business is anywhere between $15,000 and $250,000.

2. You get yourself dragged into a lawsuit, which can easily cost you anywhere between $100,000 and $1,000,000. And if you lose, you will have to rebrand and, on top of that, repay every dollar you made under that brand.

A poorly handled trademark application only creates a false sense of security. You believe you’ve taken all the right steps to protect your brand, when in fact you are more exposed than ever.

Our founder, Andrei Mincov, started Trademark Factory® to give brand owners like you the peace of mind that your brand will get trademarked with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.

«I’ve worked with many law firms and lawyers… Working with Andrei and Trademark Factory®—because of their set fee and a money-back guarantee—gave me so much more confidence and made me so much more comfortable doing business with them. I recommend all entrepreneurs to trademark their brands through Trademark Factory®.»

Dan Lok



This is how we make Sure

You tell us about your business and your brand

Get on a FREE call with one of our strategy advisors to discuss your trademarking needs and see if we are the right fit for you.

We check if your brand is trademarkable

Our legal team runs a comprehensive trademark search and analyzes all relevant results to determine if your brand can be registered as a trademark.

We draft and file your aplication

We prepare the draft of your application that reflects the needs of your business and our licensed attorneys and trademark agents file it with the Trademarks Office.

We take care of all the other legal stuff

We handle your entire trademarking process. If necessary, we submit evidence of use and deal with the most difficult and time-consuming objections and office actions at no extra charge to you.

You get your certificate in a custom frame

We receive your trademark registration certificate, put it in a beautiful custom frame, and FedEx it to you.


Hire Us And Pay Nothing If We Don’t Get The Results You Need

It’s very simple.

Your trademark approved by the Trademarks Office or your money back. To the penny.

Here’s how our TWO-LAYER 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee works:

Full Refund BEFORE Filing


If we do the search and spot any concerns with the trademarkability of your brand, you can get a full refund right away, no questions asked. We don’t keep any service charges. You get it all back. Period.

Alternatively, we’ll keep doing additional trademark searches at no cost to you until you come up with a brand you can own. 

Either way, there is absolutely no risk to get started. Worst-case scenario, you’re just going to get a free opinion as to why your brand is not trademarkable.

Full Refund AFTER Filing


If following our comprehensive search we find your trademark is registrable and we file it, but it does not get approved by the Trademarks Office, you get a full refund.

Regardless of how many office actions we responded to…

No matter how many hours our legal team spent on your file…

You get back everything you paid us.

Again, there’s literally no risk to you.

If You Find Another Firm That
GIVES You What We Offer,
We WILL File Your Trademark For FREE

 You got that right.

Call or email ANY law firm or trademarking company and ask them 3 simple questions:

Will your attorneys handle my application from start to finish, from filing to registration?

Do you offer a fixed price that will cover unlimited responses to any and all office actions, including likelihood of confusion and descriptiveness?

Will I get my money back if the Trademarks Office rejects my trademark application?

If you find ANYONE who, like us, answers YES to all 3 of these questions, we will file your trademark FOR FREE.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Protect Your Brand

All successful businesses trademarked their brands BEFORE they hit gold. Some even did it before they launched.

Just like you, they probably weren’t too excited about the trademarking process, but leaving their brands unprotected and exposed was not an option.

Doesn’t matter if you:

– Only have an exciting business idea
– Have just launched and proven your concept
– Have been in business for some time
– Are launching a new brand, a new product or a new service—

The best time to trademark your brand was yesterday. 

The second best is TODAY.

Sandra Yancey


You work really hard bringing to the world your business, your marketing, and your brand. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us as CEOs to protect all the work that we do. I’ve personally worked with Trademark Factory® and they’ve done an excellent job in protecting some of our intellectual capital.

Isabelle Mercier


Online brands are easy to steal. I have big plans for BUILD TO ROCK®, so we decided to protect it. Usually, when you work with lawyers, you never know what the bill is going to be in the end. You do with Trademark Factory®. If you’re looking to trademark your brand, I don’t see why you would go anywhere else than Trademark Factory®.

Jared Falk


Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don’t understand how to do it. I’m a drummer, I don’t have any expertise in trademarking. You’ve got it figured out. Not a lot was required on my part. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.

Matt Astifan


Trademark Factory® is the best place to get a trademark because you’re actually guaranteed that if you pay for it, you’re going to get a trademark. Other companies get you to pay to TRY to get your trademark, and if they fail, then you just lose all your money. Nobody out there is going to offer anything close to what Andrei is offering.


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When you book a call, one of them will set aside 45 minutes to assess your trademarking needs and answer your questions.

Our promise to you is that at the end of the call you will have certainty about 3 things:

When, where and what should you trademark first?

Should you trademark your brand at all?

Is Trademark Factory the right fit for you?

And if you’re ready to protect your brand, they’ll help you start your trademarking process right away.

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